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NO6959 : A935 passing Tayock by Shaun Ferguson
NO6959 : Looking South Across Montrose Basin by Dominic Dawn Harry and Jacob Paterson
NO6959 : Newbigging Farm and Fields by Dominic Dawn Harry and Jacob Paterson
NO6959 : Stubble, Newbigging by Richard Webb
NO6959 : Bridge over the Dismantled Railway near Pugeston by Alan Morrison
NO6959 : Montrose Basin near Heathbank by William Starkey
NO6959 : Embankment north of the Montrose Basin by William Starkey
NO6959 : Pugeston Farm by Anne Burgess
NO6959 : Potato field with sunflowers by Scott Cormie
NO6959 : A935 towards Montrose by JThomas
NO6959 : Minor road from Pugeston towards the A935 by JThomas
NO6959 : Crop field near Pugeston by JThomas
NO6959 : House on the A935 west of Montrose by JThomas

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